Sonal Kashyap means “CHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA “

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Sonal Kashyap, pursuing last year of MSC in Zoology , age -25 , height – 3’5″ , belongs to ” dwarf” community .
In her late years, as any other award individual she was lacking confidence, self-love and was living with hesitation, inferiority, consciousness about her body and looks . There was society which contributed in makes her life uneasy…wherever she went people around stared like hell !! what happened to her ? Why is she like this ? Is this curable ? Answering all of them , every time , is not that easy as it sounds like .
She was to curious about herself she wanted to dig it in science field so did she . She went in the field of science, studied all about it and then the new human who was coming out of her was someone totally different.
There comes the brand new SONAL KASHYAP who accepted the she is , the way her body is , who she is , and she is now confident about herself , about her looks , about her body, everything . She figured about her hobbies and talent , and this came out – “CHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA ” , yes this line completely suits her .
It all started with painting classes , then she started taking up part in competition and look at her paintings now on her Instagram page ” @kalakriti ” !!! Then , while dancing in parties, dancing grasped her interest, and look at her moves now , on her another Instagram page “@awsome_flawsome” !! And then comes the Instagram fever , she used to follow international models and she asked herself “Why not me ?” She got her pictures clicked in which we can clearly see how confident , happy and beautiful she is .
This was all about Miss. Sonal Kashyap, a great human , artist , dancer , model , inspiring everyone out there to accept the way you are and never let anything come on your way to happy living ….

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